SPE's education program provides opportunities for engaged learning for trainees at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral level. Under mentorship from SPE faculty, trainees at all levels gain hands-on experience performing cutting-edge social research. Through participation in the program, trainees conduct fieldwork abroad, utilize world-class survey datasets, and learn innovative mixed-methods approaches. Past trainees' work has culminated in numerous dissertations, undergraduate honors theses, and publications in top-ranked journals. Previous trainee outcomes and key publications are listed below.

Previous Post-Doctoral Trainees and Outcomes

Previous Graduate Student Trainees and Outcomes

Current Graduate Trainees

Previous Undergraduate Student Trainees and Outcomes

Key Trainee Publications

  1. Allendorf, Keera, and Dirgha J. Ghimire. 2013. "Determinants of Marital Quality in an Arranged Marriage Society." Social Science Research 42(1):59-70. DOI. PMC3711098.
  2. Axinn, William G., and Scott T. Yabiku. 2001. "Social Change, the Social Organization of Families, and Fertility Limitation." American Journal of Sociology 106(5):1219-1261. DOI.
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