Policy Fellow Impact Statements

Akito Kamei, 2016

The Policy Communication Fellowship is a good opportunity to get to know Nepal. Spending three months interacting with community members and experts in the field of your interest will deepen your understanding of social issues to guide your future research. The great hospitality of the ISER-N members and the company of other fellows with the same goal will make your summer an unforgettable experience.

Akito Kamei

Loritta Chan

Loritta Chan, 2016

I am very thankful to ISER-N and SPE for giving me this first-hand experience on public scholarship. It has always been frustrating to me that a lot of good research often sits in archives and journals when they can be brought forward to make an impact on society. Through this fellowship, I have learnt how to translate research into informative, attractive and bite-sized policy briefs that can be shared with the broader audience. It was very inspiring to speak to different people from the Nepal government, research institutes and NGOs. I am encouraged by this positive experience, and am inspired to continue this form of public scholarship in my future academic career.

Armani Hawes, 2015

I only have positive things to say about the Policy Communication Fellowship. My time in Nepal helped me experience first-hand the realities of trying to make progress through policy changes. By both writing policy briefs and meeting with policymakers, NGO staff, and other organizations around Nepal, I learned the difference between quick fixes and long-term investments in making positive changes. The hands on activities of being in the country, working with ISER-N staff, and collaborating with partners back in Michigan were invaluable. This is an experience I will take with me throughout the rest of my career.

Armani Hawes