Special Warfare Assessments for TSOC Support (SWATS)

Project Details

Investigators: William G. Axinn, PI, Dirgha J. Ghimire, Co-I.

Description: SWATS is an effort to design new targeting and evaluation methods for Theater Special Operations Command (TSOC) inform and influence efforts outside of the United States. TSOC is responsible for information dissemination efforts worldwide as part of the US Department of Defense’s work to reduce violence in the general population. SWATS is designed to help improve this work through the construction of new tools to conduct target audience analyses, allowing for more accurate identification of populations at risk of violence, as well as to facilitate more rigorous program evaluations of TSOC’s work. SWATS combines interdisciplinary social science modeling of the population propensity to violent action with state-of-the-art mixed method data collection to achieve these objectives. The tools developed through this program are specially designed to be operational worldwide, across many different languages, cultures, and settings.

Sponsor: Barbaricum, Department of Defense-Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office. TAT290-CTTSO-14-01. $110,000. 2014-2015.